Are Online Casinos Legal in South Africa?

Online sports betting in South Africa has been legal for over 15 years, with over 50 different local and licensed sports betting sites to choose from. Online casinos are a slightly different matter though, as they haven’t been legal for as long, and there is still a fair amount of confusion among the public as to if you can enjoy casino games legally. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at betting on local and international sites, and what you as a punter should be aware of when opening a new account.

Licensed Betting Sites

The best way to access any sports betting site or casino site is through a betting site that holds a valid bookmakers license in South Africa. The licenses are issued by various provincial boards, and once a site is licensed it may offer various sports betting, lucky numbers, virtual sports, slots and casino games, depending on the type of license held.

The benefits of using a licensed site are that they are regulated by the South African National Gaming Board, as well as the provincial legislators. This gives you peace of mind should there ever be an issue with a deposit, withdrawal, or a sports betting or casino dispute. Should you experience any problem you will be able to contact the board for their assistance, and if they find in your favour then the betting site in question is legally obliged to resolve the issue.

International Casino Sites

On the other side of the licensed casino / sports betting coin are the various online casinos and betting sites that accept SA customers. These are popular South African casino sites that are not licensed by the National Gaming board, and don’t come with the protection that it offers. On these sites you’ll find a variety of casino games and bonuses that you won’t find at licensed sites.

We’re sure there are many South African punters who have come across these casino sites and signed up due to attractive bonuses and games, but may not be aware that they fall out of the protection of the NGB, and in the past there have also been some issues with the SARB regarding international payments. This however is a risk that some gamblers are happy to take.

How to check if a site is licensed or not

The quickest way to tell if a site is licensed in SA or not is to check the footer company information as well as the licensing details. If the site is displaying a license from one of the provinces in South Africa then it’s a licensed site.

Bookmaker License Number: 10181496-007 . No persons under the age of 18 years are permitted to gamble. Winners know when to stop. National Responsible Gambling Programme: 0800 006 008 or WHATSAPP HELP 076 675 0710. Warning: Gambling involves risk. By gambling on this website, you run the risk that you may lose.

If you don’t see any South African license information but rather see that the company has an international license, then you know that they are not licensed within SA.

All rights reserved. International B.V. (Company). The Company is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao under the gaming license 14827 Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N Landhuis Joonchi II, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles.

An informed decision is the best decision, and we’ve given you a few of the pros and cons of local and international sites, so hopefully you’ll be able to make the right choice when opening a new account in the future.

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Author: Joseph Crawford