MG Sports Betting Horse Racing Promotions

MG Sports Betting are one of the few South African betting sites that offer comprehensive betting on local and international horse racing. When betting on horses with MG you’ll also get access to their horse racing promotions, which are a mix of money back specials and bonuses, depending on what happens in the race. We’ve listed the best promotions below, as well as how they work.

First Past the Post

If your horse finishes 1st but is later demoted to 2nd or disqualified as a result of an objection, save those tears, MG Sports Betting has you covered! MG will pay out your winnings as a bonus! This promotion is useful for those times when things just aren’t going your way.

Money Back if your horse falls

If your horse falls, unseats or is brought down, there’s no need to yank your hair out! We’ll refund 50% of your stake back as a bonus! This promotion is useful for many of the overseas meetings, where horses falling aren’t as uncommon as you think, especially in steeplechase races.

Beaten by a donkey

Seeing red after your champion stallion was surpassed by a donkey?! MG Sports Betting feels your pain and will refund 50% of your stake back! There’s nothing worse than having your selection beaten by a horse that came out of nowhere, but getting 50% of your stake back can help ease the pain.

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Author: Joseph Crawford